Taiwan Immigration &Relocation Company, as its name implies, provides professional services about immigration and relocation issues. Started from 2010, we have been helping many Expats and their family, not only entry Taiwan but entry Taiwan smoothe and without pressure.

Immigrate to a new country can be difficult because of different Immigration Acts. You might have trouble distinguish the uses of different Visa. Your family might repatriate by custom because of the wrong steps. Fortunately, our 10-year experience makes us familiar with the Immigration Acts in Taiwan, which helps you to save your precious time and avoid the risks of making mistakes.

Besides immigration, how to apply a work permit for expats is also a big problem. Different industries will have different requirements when applying. And we happen to be experts of applying for work permits for Expats. with the right criteria, we will lead you the way of applying work permit step by step.

We will also assist international employees and their family finds the ideal place to stay in Taiwan. This program is designed to take into account all the personal needs of the employee and family members. We have professional real estate agents who follow corporate policies and procedures in order to ensure the correct requirements are met. The real estate coordinator will personally work with the incoming staff and family members until an appropriate housing solution is found and agreements are finalized.

If your company have thoughts of sending employees into Taiwan for work, we can provide a consultation and assist with the entire relocation-immigration process. With our assistance, I guarantee that we will show our punctuality, efficiency, professionalism to you. And you will find out the process won't be difficult as you thought, due to our accompany.




  • Work Permit
  • Resident Visa
  • Alien Resident Certificate (A.R.C.)


  • Pre-move Orientation
  • School Search
  • Driving License Exchange
  • Car Rental
  • Furniture Purchase
  • Ongoing Support


  • Home Finding
  • Short-term Rental
  • Tenancy Management
  • Settling In
  • Departure Service
country brief


Taiwan's population currently numbers over 23 million. Which makes the island one of the worlds's most densely populated places. Famed for centuries as Ilha Formosa (Beautiful Island), this is a land with more faces. In Taiwan you can criss-cross mountains on hiking trails or cycle alone highway with the blue Placific on one side and green volcanic arcs on the other. And if you simply want a classic landscape to enjoy, you will find them around every corner.

Life in Taiwan is so convenient, You can find convenience stores everywhere, even in the remote mountainous area around Alishan, and on the offshore islands of Penghu and Matsu. People in Taiwan are friendly, public security here is very well, it is also very safe to go out in the early morning.

Taiwan seems to have everything, and be able to accommodate any type of travel plan you could think of, you can ascend above a sea of clouds, climbing one of Taiwan's over 200 three thousand meter peaks, you can also take the opportunity to relax in the blue ocean, on Taiwan's endless stretches of coastline, You can experience superior service in Taiwan's vibrant cities, or experience the slower rhythms of life in Taiwan's rustic village, all these places may not be as far away as you think, just a short trip on Taiwan's high speed rail or other transportation, can lead you to vastly different experiences.