Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company (TIRC) provides services to help employees from Multinational corporation to adapt to the living and culture in Taiwan. Our services include assisting expatriates to apply for Taiwan Work Permit, Resident Visa, Alien Resident Certificate(ARC), Taiwan Employment Gold Card, Home Finding, Short-term Rental, Driving License/Permit, Bank Service, International Schools Search…


Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company (TIRC) was established in 2010. Our team provides services to help Multinational corporation employees to adapt to the living and culture in Taiwan.

If your company has foreign employees who are moving to Taiwan to work, we can support all the relocation and immigration solutions. TIRC also help expatriates and their families familiarize themselves with life in Taiwan.

TIRC provide services to help expatriates apply and renew for Taiwan Work Permit, and to help expatriates and their family members to apply for Resident Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) in Taiwan.

When expatriates and family members move to Taiwan, they might need our below services: Pre-move Orientation, School Search, Driving License Exchange, Car Rental, Furniture Purchase, and Ongoing Support…

Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company will also help expatriates and families to find the ideal house in Taiwan, our program is designed to accommodate all personnel relocating, and we provide complete real estate services that work within corporate policies and the family's requirements.

Our consultants personally work with the incoming staff and family until appropriate housing is found and agreements are finalized. During this period, our consultants will continue to communicate with the landlord about leasing-related matters, such as confirming the landlord’s identity, and making sure of house repair and maintenance, until our customers can move into the ideal house smoothly.


Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company treats every customer genuinely and honestly, and we undertake to carry out the services by exercising reasonable standards of skill, care, and diligence by good professional practice and by the scope of services.

We hope to become a strategic alliance partner for your company. We guarantee competitive rates and quality assurance. Look forward to the opportunity of partnering with you in the near future.


We are driven to achieve the outcomes our clients want. We are trusted to achieve superior performance from every service.


We apply the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We treat clients, our people, partners, and suppliers fairly and with respect.


We work closely and openly together with our clients, partners, and suppliers at a local and global level to deliver safer and stronger results for all.


We create smarter and simpler solutions to meet our client’s needs. We combine technology, expertise, assets, and partnerships to deliver our service in faster ways.


We undertake to and procure the employees shall keep confidential all Confidential Information and shall not disclose, in whole or in part, any Confidential Information to any person.


Since the conditions of each applicant are different, Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company will advise the most suitable application method according to the requirements and conditions of each case.

Bachelor degree + 2 years of work experience the employee and actual import and export revenue has reached ten million (10,000,000) New Taiwan Dollars and above for the employer is required.

After the expatriates received the Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate, their family (partner and children) can apply for ARC as a dependent with the required documents.

The applicant shall be eligible for “qualification of foreign professionals with special expertise”. Those who are satisfactory to specific qualifications and have special expertise may apply to one among ten major fields depending on his/her expertise. Following are the ten major fields:
1. Science & Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology)
2. Economy (Ministry of Economic Affairs)
3. Education (Ministry of Education)
4. Culture and Arts (Ministry of Culture)
5. Finance (Financial Supervisory Commission)
6. Sport (Ministry of Education)
7. Architectural Design (The Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior)
8. Law (Ministry of Justice)
9. National Defense (Ministry of National Defense)
10. Special cases (with consultation, are recognized by the NDC)

For PRC passport holders to have business activities in Taiwan, they have to apply for an “Exit & Entry permit”.

Please make sure that your work permit, alien residence permit, lease and telecommunications contract have been terminated before leaving Taiwan to prevent penalties.

According to the foreign driver's license you hold, the Taiwan vehicle Office will ask for different documents to apply for your Taiwan driver's license.

Some nationalities can also apply for the qualification to drive in Taiwan with an international driver's license. Please provide more detailed driver's license information to TIRC and we can provide more detailed information.

Once the expatriates receive the Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate, they can open a Taiwan bank account. We suggest making an appointment with the bank so they can arrange a bank teller in fluent English speaking, or you may ask TIRC for assistance.

You can find an “ok” 2-bedroom apartment in Taipei with a budget between NT30,000 to 50,000. But if you want a decent 2-bedroom apartment, TIRC suggests the budget should go to NT80,000.

For a 3-bedroom apartment, I suggest a budget of NTD140,000 -180,000. Depending on the condition of the apartment and the region, the suggested rental budget may also be adjusted.

Generally, 5-7 properties will be prepared for a one-day home tour.

It may be increased or decreased according to the needs of the tenants and the market conditions at that time.

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