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Departure Service: When foreign professionals and family members plan to leave Taiwan, we provide departure services comprised of: Cancel work permit and ARC; Coordinate with the landlord on issues related to the termination of the lease; assist the tenant to clear all outstanding water, electricity, and related expenses.

A key benefit of the service includes the negotiation for the return of the security deposit. Without proper procedures and negotiations, a substantial portion of a security deposit may be lost.


Settling In: We will check and record the condition of the property and its furniture and fittings before the tenant moves in, and we can help with all the settling, repairs, and maintenance.


Tenancy Management: These services are designed to minimize our customer's risk, with the security of professional management.

Our services comprise confirming lease agreements and landlord’s identity、handover of premises、repairs and maintenance、rent collection、tenant liaison. The range of services covered would be:
- Negotiations/communications for the terms of tenancy agreements to ensure clients’ interests are fulfilled.
- Check-in (walk-through) of premises.
- Arrangements for initiations of water, gas and electricity usage.
- Arrangements for installation of cable, and internet.
- Arrange and coordinate with contractors for the repair, cleaning and maintenance work.
- All communication with Landlords.
- Negotiations/communications for the terms of tenancy agreements renewals to ensure client’s interests are met.
- Arrangements for all repair and upgrading works needed for renewals are done.
- Arrangements of cancellations of utilities/cable/internet connections upon check-out premises.
- Hand-over of premises.
- Recovery of withholding security deposits.


Short-term Rental: In some cases, corporate will need short-term accommodation for employees or company clients who come to Taiwan for a short stay or conference meeting. We provide short-term rental services to our customers, including a range of rooms, apartments, houses, and facilities to suit most needs.

What is the process for finding a property?
We will assign a consultant to assist with home searches. Once both parties have agreed and signed the Offer Letter, the next step is to proceed to the Tenancy Agreement (TA).

The TA is the formal contract between the Landlord and Tenant and will outline the conditions and terms of renting a property in Taiwan. The TA together with the security deposit has to be signed and presented to the Landlord on or before the day of the handover of the property.

What is a Security Deposit?
A Security Deposit is usually payable by the Tenant when the Tenancy Agreement is signed. This one-off payment, usually equivalent to 2 months’ rental, will be returned to the Tenant without interest when the lease expires subject to any claims, that the Landlord may have relating to the property.

What are some of the common expenses related to housing?
Common expenses will include utilities such as Electricity, Water and Gas. Other expenses include items such as phone line, internet connection, subscription for cable TV, and air-conditioner maintenance. Utilities and phone bills will vary depending on the usage and summer and winter months depending on the usage of the air conditioners.

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