Relocation Services


Ongoing Support: We have been serving many international companies locally and hope our experience in Taiwan would enable us to benefit your company. We always try our best to cooperate with the client/assignee’s needs and interests.

Once you become our customer, we will become your honest friend in Taiwan. We provide ongoing support to help foreign professionals and family members. For example:

・General Living
- How to use public transportation options.
- How to shop/get the best value when purchasing appliances.
- How to access emergency services (e.g., police, fire, ambulance).
- Information on recreational/leisure activities, clubs, and organizations.

- Assistance with utility connections & payment procedures.
- Information on household appliances (e.g., whom to contact for repairs).

- Information on the healthcare system.


Furniture Purchase: When foreign professionals and family members move to Taiwan, they might want to buy some furniture in Taiwan, we will introduce affordable stores that let you buy your favorite furniture.


Car Rental: After foreign professionals get their driving licenses in Taiwan, you might want to start driving in Taiwan, we can help you to rent an ideal car.

If you want to purchase cars, we can also explanation of how to purchase a car. It is possible to be accompanied to do so if required.


Bank Service: When foreign professionals start their work in Taiwan, they will need to open a local bank account in Taiwan. Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company will accompany you to the nearest bank to handle your account opening procedures.


Driving License/Permit Exchange: When an expatriate moves to Taiwan and wants to drive here, will need to exchange foreign driving license for a Taiwan driving license, and Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company will help with all the steps.

In some cases, you can exchange your foreign driving license for a Taiwan driving license, but in other cases, you might need to take a driving license exam and health examination, this varies depending on the country of issue of your current driving license.


School Search: Children’s education is a major concern when relocating. From preschool to high school, you will find many accredited schools catering to different international curricula. Taiwan Immigration & Relocation Company knows and understands the importance of continuing education at the highest level.

We help foreign employees to find the ideal school for their children, our priority is providing the professional services necessary to select the appropriate school.


Pre-Move Orientation: This program is customized to the needs and requirements of the individual. The customized escorted orientation tour is done on a per-family basis. The tour comprises the following: Residential Neighborhoods, Schools visiting, Hospital & Medical Facilities, Cultural Centers, Sports & Recreational Facilities, Public Transport, and Special Requests.

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